Montgomery County, PA Lease To Own Home Specialists

Need to sell your house to get out of debt? We can help! We buy for sale by owner homes.

Application must be filled out online only. We will not take any application over the phone.

We are Lease To Own Specialists working in these Counties: Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia.

We want “Pretty Homes” with little to no equity. We want to take over your mortgage loan even if it is over leveraged. We are not a bank nor do we work for a bank. We do not make loans. We are not Real Estate Agents. We are private investors that can take over your loan and mortgage payments. We have people who are looking for homes in your area that want to lease to buy homes.

Reasons why you want to Lease to Own Your Property. Someone else makes your mortgage payment. You keep ownership until loan is paid off. You are not responsible for maintenance after thirty days. Your mortgage stays current and that helps your credit score. You can move on with your life. You do not have to list your property on the MLS. The Tenant Buyer will have a back ground check. You must approve the Tenant Buyer. If the Tenant Buyer defaults you can take the house back more quickly. You do not have to pay for closing. All closing will be done by an Attorney. You do not have to pay for advertising. Tenant Buyer will work with a Mortgage Broker to make sure they can afford the payments. Tenant Buyer pays down your debt and your property can increase in equity.

If you have a home with little to no equity or you are over leveraged then we can help. Property must have a clean title. Property can not be up for any actions, foreclosures or under bankruptcy. Application must be filled out online only. We will not take any application over the phone. Because of so much demand, give us thirty days to process your application. We will only contact those who qualify. You must completely fill out the application or it will be rejected. If we can agree on a term or a price and we accept all responsibility for future repairs would you consider a lease purchase? We are looking for Single Family Homes, Town Houses and some Condos. With an ARV of 200,000 and up. You have to act now!

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